Owner, General Manager at School of Rock Springfield

School of Rock Springfield, MO is a full service music school that specializes in teaching guitar, bass, drums, vocals, and keys through an innovative performance-based method using music lessons and group rehearsals.

In addition to our classes and lessons, we offer recording services, party services, camps, event rental, rehearsal space rental, band coaching, and more!

CEO, and Queen of Fun at The Jester's Court Experience

The idea behind this business stems from the question, “What would the King’s Court look like if the Jester was in charge?” We all live in the “king’s court” and all have to answer to some sort of person or entity that requires rules, laws, fees, and even rent. Generally speaking this equates to a lack of creativity and fun in our daily lives.  The Jester’s Court Experience offers an opportunity to put that fun and creativity back into our lives through inspiration, workshops, events, concerts, and more. We combine music, games, movement, and social activities tailored specifically for adults who are seeking more creativity and connectedness in their lives.

CEO, Jester's Court LLC, subsidiaries: Jester's Court Productions, Jester's Court Music Publishing Company (BMI), Jester Records, Jennifer Jester and The Jester's Court Band

At Jester's Court Productions, we know that food, folks, and fun are important ingredients for happy communities. We offer a diverse range of services to meet the cultural, entertainment and recreational interests throughout the country. 

We specialize in music and event production services, entertainment in the nature of live musical performances, and arranging and conducting special events for social entertainment purposes.

CEO, Owner

Specializing in designs of many genres for apparel.